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Welcome to DSoul Family. Thanks for choosing our services. I hope we would love to help you and DSoul promise you to give you a best platform to practice your skills.


  • -  You have to be regular on time.
  • -  You have to follow the terms and condition of DSoul.
  • -  If DSoul bureau provide home classes than you have to pay 50% to the bureau for 1st month and after that 10% for 6 month.
  • -  You don’t have to discuss about bureau terms and condition with the client .
  • -  If bureau select you for the home classes then you will have to continue atleast 3 months.
  • -  If you left home classes in the middle of 3 months, you will have to pay the fine of 2500 and you will be blocked from our bureau for 1 year.
  • -  You will have to be professional with the client.
  • -  Always wear clean and loose clothes in the class.
  • -  If clients family member also want to do Yoga, must inform the bureau.
  • -  No any personal talk with the client.
  • - You don’t have to exchange mobile no from the client.
  • -  You have to reach classes before 10 min.
  • -  You have to be polite with the client. No any arguments with the client.
  • -  If you want to take holiday, inform our bureau or client one day before.
  • -  If any kind of misbehave will be done inside the home classes like fighting, argument, breaking of any equipment, then you will be responsible for this.
  • -  You are not allowed to exchange contact no with any client. If client forces you then must inform the bureau.
  • -  7700011121 will be the common number for trainer and client regarding any query.
  • -  Salary will be credited on 5th of each month.

Membership Fee for Trainer


500 Per Month -   (Begineers Trainer)

750 Per Month -   (Intermediate Trainer)

1000 Per Month-  (Advanced Level Trainer)

Membership Fee for Trainer


1500 Per Month  (Begineers Trainer)

2000 Per Month  (Intermediate Trainer)

2500 Per Month  (Advanced Level Trainer)

 For Apply call/whatsApp- 7700011121 , 8920326681